What Can the Library Do for Your Child?

Finland has consistently come in at the top of world education rankings. This is what the Finnish National Board of Education has to say about school libraries:

“In a good school library the pupil will grow to be a skillful user of the information services, who is also curious, selective, critical, shows initiative, is co-operative and responsible. A good school library strengthens good study habits.” (Finnish National Board of Education)

And this is how our students make use of the library in accordance with their recommendations and within the MYP and DP setting:

  • They get acquainted with organised information. They get to know different information sources and learn to use these selectively in transdisciplinary units.
  • They find resources in the languages supported by the school and resources that provide an extension to the curriculum.
  • They have access to databases and information networks inside and outside of school
  • They learn the importance of academic honesty and how to acknowledge and cite their sources of information.
  • They learn to use the common material in a responsible way.
  • They learn to use search engines and databases.
  • The library provides a foundation for learning independently.
  • They have access to resources that support their individual learning needs, styles and interests.
  • They find quality research, reading and leisure material suitable for their age.
  • They learn about other cultures and celebrations
  • They become open minded.
  • They have access to a variety of current, relevant resources that support the subject-group aims and objectives.
  • •They learn how to choose a research question for their Personal Project and their Extended Essay.
  • They learn to evaluate the reliability of information.
  • They display their work.
  • They receive guidance as necessary.

We are all very proud of how the MYP and DP students are using the library to learn and grow!