We’re Getting a New Playground!

The design for our new playground has been finalized. Construction will begin this spring/summer and the largest part of the construction phase will take place during the summer break.

The design consists of three main areas that are connected by a running track. The biggest area is the eye-catching entrance area where EPDM flooring and artificial grass create four distinct areas: “a universe for playing”, “a landscape for the youngest”, “a green hangout space” and a “blue ocean for climbing”. The second area is a hangout area where the older students will feel right at home. Here, the covered areas create hang-out spaces with football tables, a slackline and plenty of benches with tables. The Amphistair benches create a  perfect sitting area for the older students. The third area is the football field with organically shaped concrete sides which is both a playing field and a hangout place.

The designers have used a colour scheme with shades of blue, green, grey and black.  Plants are used throughout the design to make the whole schoolyard feel alive.

Click here to view a 2D plan of the playground proposal.