Danish Students Work with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

In Advanced Danish class PYP1 through PYP5, students have been working with Oxfam IBIS’ teaching material – Læseraketten, the Reading Rocket. This year the teaching material focuses on South Sudan and UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The students have been selling lottery tickets to raise money to send to school children in South Sudan. Only half of children in South Sudan are in school right now.

Furthermore, the students have written letters and made drawings for a couple of the children from the Reading Rocket which Oxfam IBIS will make sure to deliver to them in South Sudan.

Oxfam IBIS visited the school with a couple of photographers and took pictures of PYP4 and PYP5 while they were interacting with the book. The students participated in a book balance challenge where they had to stack Reading Rocket books on their heads while arguing for why all children should be in school by 2030. When they dropped the books on the floor, they had to say “Do not drop your future on the floor”. The students are now on the Oxfam IBIS website!

Learn more: https://heleverdeniskole.dk/sidste-nyt/danske-elever-arbejder-med-laeseraketten/

See the Book Balance Challenge: https://heleverdeniskole.dk/film/bog-balance-konkurrencen/

Students from PYP5 were very fortunate to be invited to Christiansborg with MYP5 for a conference which focused on the 4th Sustainable Development Goal – quality education with an emphasis on girls, as only every tenth girl goes to school.

At the conference, the students proposed a couple of questions to the politicians and met politicians including the Minister of Development Cooperation, Ulla Tørnæs and the Chief Executive Officer of the Global Partnership for Education, Alice Albright. The student also demonstrated the book balance challenge in front of the whole conference. Finally we got a tour of Christiansborg by Mette Gjerskov (S).

It has been an absolute pleasure working with the students and we are excited to continue our work with the Sustainable Development Goals!


Text by Ms. Cecilia Guldagger, Danish Teacher

Photos by Lotte Ærsøe