Strengthening the Home School Partnership in PYP 5

Students in PYP 5 have been working on the unit of Evolution and Adaptation. We took the classroom learning further when we invited Mr. Philip Seymour (Helene’s father), who is a developmental biologist by profession and works as an Assistant Professor at DanStem, the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Biology ( at KU.  On September 12th, the students had an interactive session with Mr. Seymour and it was a fantastic learning experience for all of us.

The students came up with different questions connecting to the main concepts learned during the unit and Mr. Seymour created a presentation answering those questions. He also gave us an insight into the life of a biologist and the nature of his present job as assistant professor. His visit was both interesting and inspirational for the students.

Written by Ms. Rashmi Jethani, Grade 5 Teacher