November Newsletter

The November edition of the ISH Newsletter, with the latest news, updates and stories from our school, is now available for download on this page.

In this issue, Mr Asanovski writes about the impact of praise, Mr Fleet and Ms Oklowicz introduce the upcoming Festival of Lights and share updates and tips from the Primary School and the Secondary School team share their reflections and photos from the recent Motion Day, introduce a number of upcoming MYP and DP events and share valuable advice on what parents can do to support their children in MYP.

Also in the newsletter: Ms Keenoy and Ms Okolowicz writes about the power of a great classroom library, Ms Thoren reports from the PYP Halloween Party and Ms Mira Bush, our new PTA Chair, sums up the October PTA meeting and writes about PTA’s involvement in the recent PYP Halloween Party and the upcoming Festival of Lights.

This, and much more, in this month’s newsletter!