Class Parents

Class parents are an important link between the PTA and the class they represent. They volunteer their time to help students, teachers and parents in their child’s class. All ISH parents are eligible for this role and parents are encouraged to sign up at the beginning of the school year. The responsibilities of a class parent include: 

  • Representing your class at the monthly PTA meetings.
  • Obtaining and maintaining an up­-to-­date class contact list of all parents in your class.
  • Organising at least one parent get-together each semester, either for the individual class or as a grade.
  • Classroom/Field trip assistance: From time to time teachers may ask class parents to help coordinate parents to help either in their classroom or in class/grade field trips.

If you would like to become a class parent, please read our Class Parent Guideline and complete the Sign-up form.  You can also talk to your child’s teacher or email to find out more.


ClassName of Teacher/AdvisorClass Parent/Parent Rep Still Needed?
Pre-K3Lindsey StenderAbdul Khaled and
Mara Scotoni
Pre-K4AAngela LeonJuanita van der Watt and
Susanne Jørgensen
Pre-K4BMing GunnarssonKerry-Ann Mann
KAElizabeth ToranSign up!
KBLulie JusufiAnna Dorrington and
Olivia Ragni
PYP1AJame Johnson/ Kristin MittenhuberJiabin Pan,
Mara Scotoni and
Jana Concha
PYP1BAngeliki KalapotharakouKatrina Alexandrova
PYP2AIlana BaronCamilla Riegels Christensen, Willemijn Schouten
Cristina Mendonça
PYP2BLindsay MayJana Concha and
Moses Sangmortey
PYP3AOlivia BiagettiVladimir Barmin
PYP3BJenny DentonNicola Lal and
Olivia Ragni
PYP4AGary JonesMahbubur Rahman
PYP4BCarolina BoettnerSabina Voetmann
PYP5AJoshua MittlemanBirgitte Rossau and
Olivia Ragni
PYP5BVictoria SadeghiWillemijn Schouten
MYP1ARachel Castillo
Bersant Hobdari
MYP1BKatie FoxAbhaprakash Praharaj and
Nicola Lal
MYP2ADorte Søndergaard
Sign up!
MYP2BLaura ChristiansenPaulina Laparil and
Willemijn Schouten
MYP3ANadine Giraudeau
Sign up!
MYP3BElise DupuySign up!
MYP4AErsan Koyuncu
Nikhil Kaushik and
Katrine Jessen
MYP4BSaioa LandaSign up!
MYP5Elizabeth MooreSign up!
DP1Agnieszka CerenLokendra Paudel
DP2Bob van LeeuwenSign up!

If you have signed up as a Class Parent and have any questions or concerns regarding your role as a class parent, please contact the PTA.