Drawing Course – Beginners

This 8-week course aims to continue the basic elements of drawing – line, shape, color, form and proportions. Students will draw a variety of subjects to gain confidence in multiple areas of technique. They will continue with copying and/or completing shapes to improve their motor skills, drawing lines and learn how much pressure to put on the pencil. The practicing will give confidence to the kids to create drawings based on their own imagination. The class is mainly taught using pencil. We will add color with crayons, colored pencil, markers and watercolors. Material will be provided.

Day: Every Monday, from 15h to 15:45h Time/Ages/Place: PYP 1 onwards; ISH Art Room Season: From October 21st 2019 to December 13th 2019 Cost: DKK 750
Instructor: Cristina Mendonca
Registration: Email Ms. Cristina at cmendonca@ish.dk