Remote Learning in DP

Dear DP Students and Parents, 

Following the prudent response by the government to close schools for the next weeks, we have developed a plan for learning continuity rooted in our school values. We care for our students and seek to take responsibility for their learning during this crisis by providing them meaningful learning experiences that will allow for a seamless transition back to their usual routines at the point when school resumes. At the same time, we have made consideration for the fact that students do not have the social or practical conditions to learn in the same way as they do during regular school days.

What we understand about teaching and learning in emergency situations is that learning must continue, but it must be tailored to the reality that students do not have direct access to the robust level of interaction they experience in a live classroom situation; that household expectations and routines vary from family to family; and that students are managing their own mindsets in the midst of all of the uncertainty. We also recognize that in all of this, there is a need for students to maintain their relationships and routines to the extent possible.

In light of this, we have adjusted the school day schedule to include synchronous learning and asynchronous learning opportunities. Students can still request virtual classes depending on the availability of the teacher if they need explanations for the written feedback or have questions regarding the topic. 

DP 1 Schedule     
Block 1
8:30 - 10:05
Maths AI SL with Mr T
Maths AA HL
DP Meeting
DP 1 Core
Danish A SLBusiness
Block 2
10:30 - 11:55
English A group A

TOK group B
Biology (SL/HL)
Physics SL/HL
TOK group A
History HL
Chemistry SL/HL
Block 3
12:30 - 13:55
Chemistry HL
English B
Business HLPhysics HLBiology HLHistory SL
Visual Art HL/SL
Block 4
14:05 - 15:30
History SL
Visual Arts HL, SL
English A HLDanish B (SL+HL)
Maths AI SL

Maths AA SL/HL

Maths AI HL with Mr T
English A group B

French B

How to make the most of your learning

Daily habits for success:

  1. Be Goal-oriented  – Never forget your final aim. If you remind yourself of your final goal, it will be easier to face any obstacles and overcome them. Write it on a big poster in your bedroom or on a set of post-its and stick them on your laptop.
  2. The key to success is action – Put into practice whatever you wish or plan to do. Musing, speculation and overthinking are banned. Just do it!
  3. Be Organized and self-disciplined – Schedule what you need to do to achieve your goals and behave diligently to achieve them. Without planning and self-control, any big enterprise is doomed to fail.
  4. Stay humble and never stop learning – You must be ambitious but not without being aware that the path to success is long and you need to always be respectful and eager to improve your knowledge along the way. There is always someone who knows a bit more than you do and can make you a better person in some respects. Just learn to listen to any good advice or constructive criticism you might get and make the most of it.
  5. Stay focused and be resilient – Great achievements take time. You need to figure out ways to self-motivate yourself when challenging and demanding times come. You need to train yourself to be patient and not give up, no matter what. You need to figure out strategies that work for you when you have a hard time that can help you overcome any hindrances you might come across
  6. Reward yourself from time to time and celebrate small achievement – Science shows that when you feel happy, rewarded and fulfilled, you are much better prepared to undertake additional challenges. Flows of contentment can boost productivity, be extremely beneficial for your persona and help you achieve high-quality results.

Please keep up to date with the the latest, official government updates following this link

Tech Support

If you need help with your remote learning technology, please visit our Tech Support’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. I you still need advice from our Tech Support after reading through all of the FAQs, please contact  Provide as much information as possible. You are also welcome to call 50 19 03 26 for Tech Support on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 – 11:00.