Playground Grand Opening!

On Wednesday, August 22 we celebrated the official opening of our new playground after months of anticipation and excitement.

Our outdoor space was recently transformed with the installation of a new top of the range, one of a kind playground which includes new play and climbing equipment, a caged sports pitch and fun games markings. EPDM flooring and artificial grass create four distinct areas: “a universe for playing”, “a landscape for the youngest”, “a green hangout space” and a “blue ocean for climbing”.  The new playground also features a covered seating area and an outdoor hangout space for older students. Over the next days and weeks, lots of plants and additional play markings will be added to the schoolyard to complete the project.

We are absolutely thrilled with the new playground and so are our students. It was great to see the excitement on their faces as they finally got to explore and enjoy the new space!