New Elective: I Love Japan Club

Welcome to the land of the rising sun, Japan.

This club/ elective will work as a bridge in bringing your child a step closer to Japan. As a beginners course to the Japanese culture, this elective aims to cover the following:

Culture – To unwrap the mystery of Far East with manga and anime (through comics and animation).

Language – To build up vocabulary and expression for everyday conversational Japanese.

Art – To learn to write the Japanese script with beginner’s calligraphy, design Japanese style calendar and Cheery Blossom: Sakura Art.

Food – Make Sushi and Ramen Noodles (on popular demand)

Trip – Sakura Festival 2018

Start date: February 28th, 2018
Day and time: every Wednesday at 15:00-16:00
Where: ISH campus, room to be decided/ canteen (for food preparation)
Who: MYP 1, MYP 2 and MYP 3
Cost: 10 lessons, 1000 DKK (inclusive all materials)
Enrollment: Please write to Ms. Rashmi Jethani at

The Club will run with a minimum participation of 5 students. A detailed weekly plan will be shared once the enrollment is made.