MYP Cultural Exhibition

The Individuals & Societies department and the Art and Design departments organized an MYP Cultural Exhibition in January. The overall focus was: Culture in Context. How do we communicate our culture? Students in MYP1-3 presented their knowledge and work in several ways: in person in a “Wax Museum,” and by representing various organizations working to combat Climate Change, or as an African nation exploring the impact of imperialism. The students in MYP1-3 also exhibited work which looked at how culture and art impact society. The exhibits included lino block prints investigating the Maori Culture. The MYP4 students presented the development of their artistic wall while the MYP 5 Art group examined art and audience through personal and activist visual storytelling as well as layers of history, language and culture voice.

The MYP 5 Design class also presented the trend in downsizing to promote global development. Their ‘Tiny Houses’ promoted Architectural Design for intercultural, sustainable futures. Their handcrafted 3D models of small houses were amazing feats of engineering!

The quality of the work and the presentations were outstanding. It was fantastic to see so many students so excited about their work and so eager to communicate their knowledge, ideas, and creations. It was also great to have so many parents come to see the show.

Congratulations everyone!