Message from the Student Support Services

Schooling is Not the Same as Learning

Access to education has increased tremendously over the last years. Still, 250 million children globally cannot read or write, according to the World Bank. Acquiring the needed knowledge and skills is one of the core goals in a formal educational setting. The focus of influential organizations such as UNESCO and the World Bank is moving more into the question of quality of education. The aim is to provide quality learning for all.

At ISH we want to work towards ensuring every student’s learning success. Learning journeys start in the classrooms and continue in different contexts depending on the teaching methods and means. Schooling itself does not necessarily produce quality learning –  for a successful outcome, the needs of the students ought to be fulfilled. As an education provider, it is our mission to frame the structure of the school programme to be supportive for all students.

Student Support Services at ISH have been under structural changes and we are continuously working hard on formulating a system which will lead into every student’s improved learning outcomes. As acknowledgeable as it is, the learning support system is tied to the resources available. We do wish that the students who need extra support in their learning process will get that in an effective and targeted way. Effectiveness relates to full support not only from the school but also the family and the student him/herself. Contribution from all these instances is remarkably necessary. Ownership of the studies, not only attendance at school, can steer the way towards accomplishments.

For the success of a PYP student, regular reading practice together with the child can be a criterion for good learning results. For an MYP student, it can be parents’ support on organizational skills and scheduling questions. For a DP student, parental support can have its origins in encouragement and care for healthy daily life choices. Although the IB programme sets high standards on academic results and we, as the Learning Support Department of ISH, are fully involved in shaping the highly cultivated academic paths, the wellbeing of students is an aspect to be considered carefully. There is definitely more than academic achievements – quality education is more than that

Karoliina Bøg Hokka
Special Educational Needs
Coordinator / SENCO