Meet our Diploma Programme Students

What is life as an IB Diploma Programme at ISH like? We asked two of our DP 1 students, Marie and Caroline.

Marie, DP 1 student

How long have you been at ISH?
I have been at ISH since 2016.

What are your favourite subjects, and what do you like about them?
My absolute favourite subject is biology, because the teacher is very passionate and the subject is both challenging and interesting. I’m also very interested in TOK, Theory of Knowledge, because it questions what we know in a new way I’ve never thought about before.

What activities/clubs are you involved in?
I’m involved in Student Council, Model United Nations, and Philosophy Club. Being a part of the student council is a pleasure and an honour. It gives students a chance to have a voice in the school and also lets us have an opportunity to have a positive impact at ISH. MUN, though it’s just started, is wonderful. I like it because we learn a lot about different points of views in different countries, as well as understanding the essence of perspective and debate. I also really enjoy being a part of Philosophy Club as it’s exciting to see the knowledge people bring into the club, as well as the debates.

What would you miss if you left ISH?
If I left ISH, I think I would miss the family-feeling the most. This school is a really kind and friendly community, that I don’t think many other schools have. Being a part of ISH’s student body is truly like being a part of a family.

<Which school trip did you really enjoy last year and why?
Last year, in MYP5 I really enjoyed our trip to Spain. We learned all about film-creation and production alongside surrealism. We even got to make our own films, which was a really cool experience as we got to do in an entirely new and different culture.

What are you planning to do after graduating from ISH?
One thing that being a part of an international school has taught me, is the importance and beauty of cultures and places all over the world. So after graduating ISH, I am firstly planning to take a gap year and travel. Afterwards, I am planning to go to university and study law, international studies, or biology: I’m not quite sure yet.

Caroline, DP 1 student

How long have you been at ISH?
I joined ISH in January of 2016. I started halfway through MYP 5, and am now in DP1.

What are your favourite subjects, and what do you like about them?
My favourite subjects include History and TOK. History is a topic that has always interested me, and I find that the skills we learn and practice in the lessons are applicable to many areas of life. I enjoy TOK as it challenges my way of thinking, and allows me to become more openminded about other perspectives. Both subjects also encourage debating, which is something I am fond of doing.

What activities/clubs are you involved in and why do you like them?
I am a member of philosophy club and am one of the four students in charge of Model United Nations, MUN. Philosophy club is great, as it allows us participants to plan and prepare a workshop that will be carried out during one of the club meetings. We often go somewhere in central Copenhagen to discuss philosophical topics. MUN is an interest of mine, as I get to debate on topics that are actual and relevant. I, therefore, decided to help set up the club, to encourage others to improve their debating skills and involve themselves in the issues of today. Joining these clubs was also a great way for me to gain CAS hours.

What would you miss if you left ISH?
I would miss the staff and students. The learning environment and the relationships between everyone here are so unique and are what makes ISH so special. We have smaller classes than what I have previously been used to, which means that us students have a closer relationship with our teachers. My classmates are all really nice and welcomed me very well when I first came to the school.

Which school trip did you really enjoy last year and why?
At the end of MYP 5 we went on a class trip to Barcelona and Girona. This was a great experience as our class got to be together outside of school in a way that we hadn’t before. We had to create a montage while we were there, for our art and design classes, which was also a really fun task to work on whilst in Spain. We had a “red carpet” event when we came back, which only tied the whole trip and experience together. The activities that were planned for the trip were also very engaging and enjoyable. We also got time to explore the cities ourselves, which was very exciting and fun.

What are you planning to do after graduating from ISH?
I am planning to take a gap year after graduating, to figure out what and where I would like to study. I would like to get some work experience during this year, which will also allow me to earn money to travel.