Library Math Learning Corner

Kindergarten and Grade 1 kids are enthusiastic learners. They love to ask questions, to investigate, to explore, and to practice what they learn at school. In Grade 1 we have many budding mathematicians. They all love the library and reading books, so what better than colourful books to help them see the importance of numbers in their daily lives. For this reason, Ms. Jamé proposed creating a math corner in the library.

Author Marilyn Burns says: “Combining math and literature in classroom activities is a way for teachers to invite children into the world of math. Reading books that weave mathematical ideas into engaging stories helps dispel the myth that math is dry, unimaginative, and inaccessible. Children’s books can not only generate interest in math but also provide contexts that help bring meaning to abstract concepts. Using children’s literature is a win-win — for children and for teachers.” (Education World)

The Math learning corner allows children to relax, read, explore and engage in math games at their own pace. The best way to learn is through active play. It is an active form of learning that involves the whole self and the senses. Perceptions of size, pattern, and shape develop with building blocks and games such as Tangram and Domino. Our flat and round library cushions have also turned out to be perfect counting chips! Learning to play domino was the highlight of the student’s last library session. The children in the ASCP have been very creative in their use of the domino bricks and the math corner is very popular with them.

A big thank you to the PYP 5 students, Grade 1 parents and other parent volunteers that have helped create this special corner and the posters and games. Volunteers Neda and Ellen have made a counting chain, a giant tangram and a giant domino from recycled material.

Ms. Andrée Keenoy

School Librarian