January/February Newsletter

The January/February edition of the ISH Newsletter, with the latest news, updates and stories from our school, is now available for download on this page.

In this issue, Mr. Asanovski writes about the importance of a positive mindset and how a positive and supportive learning environment encourages student success. In the Primary School, Mr. Fleet and Ms. Oklowicz discuss safe technology usage, PYP5’s new inquiry unit and PYP3’s let’s take action unit. Plus they even include a little activity for you on Page 6. In the Secondary School, Ms. Pedersen, Ms. Uttenthal and Mr. Qeska share the latest news and information from the MYP and DP.

Also in the newsletter: Mr. Garrett introduces himself, Ms. Bush our PTA Chair, sums up the January PTA meeting, Ms. Thoren writes about upcoming Pre-K ASCP fun and new additions to the electives and home language programme.

This, and much more, in this month’s newsletter!