ISH Read-a-Thon

We are holding a Read-a-Thon in March and April to encourage students to develop good reading habits and to raise money for our library and SOS Børnebyerne. We are asking for support from families and friends of our school community. The Details:

Who: From Pre-K all the way up to DP 2, including teachers and staff!
What: Read-a-Thon
Where: Inside of school, outside of school, everywhere and anywhere
When: 22 March to 20 April
Why: To raise money for our school library and the charity SOS Børnebyerne  and to join our school
community together in a common goal.
How:Each student will be asked to find at least one sponsor who will agree to donate a small amount for each book they read or minute they spend reading. Then, students will read as much as they can and log their reading for 30 days. The PYP students will log the minutes they spend reading on their own, whereas the MYP and DP students will log the pages they read outside of class independently.

At the end of the 30 days, everyone will tally up their totals to see which classes have read the most. Four classes will be announced as the winners (one from lower PYP, one from upper PYP, one from lower MYP, and one from upper MYP and DP). The winning classes will be allowed to choose some of the new books for our school library that will be purchased through our fundraising and will also receive a pizza party. After 20 April, students will contact their sponsors to let them know how much they read. Sponsors will have the option to contribute the agreed-upon amount in cash or via a bank transfer. Half of the proceeds will be donated to a local, Danish charity that works with children, and the other half will be used within our school library to purchase more books for our own reading pleasure. Students will be informed of the details this week and next, and sponsor sheets and reading logs will be sent home with the students before the Read-a-Thon begins on 22 March. If you have questions or comments about this event, please email.

Ms Rachel Castillo
MYP Language & Literature
Teacher, MYP 1 Advisor