Introducing Our New Logo and Look

Today, we’re releasing our new school name together with an updated school brand identity, which includes a logo, colours, and font. You’ll see the new name and look on display throughout the school building and on our website, Facebook page and Facebook community group, and very soon you’ll see it updated on all our school documents as well.  

Over the past few months,  a small team inside the school has worked with a graphic designer specialising in logo design to create a new logo that displays  our new school name “International School of Hellerup” in a energetic, friendly and modern yet timeless way.


The logo shows birds flying towards the school – or away from the school, depending on how you look at the image. The birds represent our students and the nature of international education, where families often join a school community for a few years and then move on to new postings around the world. The birds also symbolize freedom and a wider perspective of the world that we all are part of.

The blue colour scheme is cool and timeless, and works well together with the colours used in the IB logo. The sans serif font was chosen for its clean, modern, and light feel.

We hope you like our new look! Please stay tuned for more updates – such as an updated school newsletter and new social media channels – as we continue to build our school identity as International School of Hellerup.