On Tuesday 26 February our PYP celebrated Fastelavn.

The day started with an informative assembly led by our PYP3 students. They educated us on the history of Fastelavn and its traditions, from hitting the barrel to waking up parents with Fastelavnsris.

Following the assembly, the barrel hitting commenced. Each PYP class took it in turns to hit their decorated class barrel. The boy/girl who knocked the first piece of wood off the barrel was the Cat Queen and the Cat King was the boy/girl who knocked the last piece of wood off the barrel.

In KB, Ethan Ricci was crowned the Cat King and Queen!

Thanks to all the parents who attended the assembly, we hope you enjoyed your Fastelavnsboller.

And, special thanks to our Danish teachers for organizing the day and looking fabulous in their costumes! They dressed up as Hans Christian Andersen, the princess and the pea.