Diploma Programme Retreat

The DP classes spent a wonderful three days and two nights at the Lyngby Hostel in Dyrehaven for our annual DP Retreat. Starting our day on Wednesday, August 23 at school, the students attended workshops about the DP Program, college counselling, and were formally introduced to the new DP Principal, Monika Pedersen.

The Lyngby Hostel

Once we arrived at the Hostel, students led each other in team-building activities so the whole DP class could get to know each other better. We have many new faces in DP and we believe building a strong community of DP students will help lead them to a successful completion of the program.

We ended our first day with a bon-fire as we also like to stress the importance of mindfulness and of decompressing after a long, hard-working day.

On Thursday, the students began with another round of workshops that were geared towards two of their Core Topics of the DP: Extended Essays (EE) and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS). The DP2 students focused on citations for their EE as their drafts are due next week. DP1 students focused on finding a research topic as they have not yet started their EE.

After an academic morning, the students were treated to a fun and invigorating dance session led by Julienne Doko, our French teacher who is also a professional dancer. Students who are new to Denmark also received an Introduction to Denmark workshop led by Rune Hansen. We want students to learn about the country in which they are being educated as well as strategies for coping with the long, cold, and dark Danish winters.

A DP student explaining his Extended Essay to a DP1 student

Friday, we ended the retreat with a scavenger hunt through Dyrehaven organized by our art teacher Liz Moore. Students got to experience the wonderful nature Denmark has to offer while continuing to bond with their classmates.

We were treated to three excellent days of good weather, fun, bonding, and learning. Our aim with the retreat was to balance mindfulness activities with relevant information about the DP course to help the students succeed not only academically, but socially and emotionally as well. We want to establish an environment that helps students focus on their goals while balancing social, academic, and emotional well-being.


Written by:

Agnieszka Ceren, DP 2 Advisor

Danielle Sanford DP1 Advisor.