Celebrating ISH’s 10th Anniversary with a Handprint Canvas

In light of ISH turning 10 years old the PTA has sponsored an art project to celebrate the students, the ISH community and the school’s 10th year anniversary. We are very appreciative of the PTA’s efforts to celebrate the success of the school and to allow the whole school community to partake collectively in the celebration. 

The art project consists of three large canvases each adorned with the handprints of the students. The handprints are then tied in to create a larger image to show how each student is part of our community here at ISH. One of our Pre-K parents has created the art concept and theme for each canvas.

The canvases will be displayed in the canteen and will have the additional purpose of being mounted on top of foam boards that will sit hidden behind the canvases and help with noise reduction. We are so excited for everyone to see them after the break and a big thank you to the PTA team.