Applying to ISH

Thank you for your interest in applying to the International School of Hellerup. Please click the link below to read more about our admissions procedures and access our online application form.

Application Timing

The school is open for applications to PYP – MYP4 all year around and families are welcome to apply at their convenience.

MYP5: All MYP 5 students are required to participate in the MYP 5 Personal Project. Students entering MYP 5 may be accepted at any point during the academic year and must bear in mind that they will be required to participate in the MYP Personal Project regardless of when they are admitted. Students arriving after January 1st will receive modified guidance towards completion of the Project. The Personal Project provides evidence of an MYP 5 student’s readiness for the Diploma Programme.

DP: Admission closes 1st September. After 1st September,  ISH will only accept new students who are transferring over from an IB DP program with all subjects that can be accommodated by ISH.