Admission Policy

At ISH, we believe that we should be seeking to find ways to admit students to our school, rather than reasons to prohibit entry. We aim to ensure a diversity of gender, culture, and nationality at ISH. We recognize that although we strive to admit students, we must ensure the safety and security of all. We will consider the possibility of meeting a child’s needs at the school, as we consider a student for admission. ISH is principally an academic school; we expect students to move from our school either to other international schools, or to further education. We therefore seek to promote ourselves in the community as a school welcoming hardworking, internationally minded, life-long learners.

Learner Profiles at work

Principled: We will admit students who we believe will be able to succeed academically and emotionally at our school. We will make decisions that are in the best interest of our students and the applicant.

Balanced: We will ensure that we consider applicants from our entire community. Open-Minded: We will ensure that we equally consider applicants, regardless of nationality, race, gender, colour, religion, persuasion, or special needs.

Caring: We will treat all applicants with kindness and consideration.

Our Community

ISH is designed to serve the needs of families both citizens of and residents of Copenhagen, Denmark who are seeking an international, English based, curriculum of study for their children. ISH recognizes a special relationship with Embassies, Permanent Missions, the UN, and multinational companies in our community. We strive to assist these globally mobile families arriving with finding places to thrive within our school environment.

Policy statements
  • If a class is considered full, acceptable applicants will go on a waiting list. If a place later becomes open, we will look at the wait list to accept an appropriate student to replace the student leaving.
  • Students will not be offered places in another grade level, if their appropriate grade is full.
  • A student wishing to be considered for placement must first complete and pay for the application, and upload all supporting documents before the student will be considered for admission.
  • School fees will be billed to the families, and must be paid in a timely manner.
  • Students in the PYP will have their level of English assessed after their admission to the school.
  • At the MYP and DP levels, applicants will be required to sit language and math proficiency screening tests before admission. The results of testing will be used to gauge a student’s readiness to access the curriculum.
  • The head of English or EAL Coordinator assesses language tests. The head of Mathematics assesses math tests. Results are communicated back to Admissions.
  • The IBDP does not encourage students to change schools while participating in the Diploma Programme. Students applying for admission to ISH at the DP 2 level will only be considered if they have completed 11th grade [DP 1] at an IB World School and if the same courses are offered here as in the previous school. Exceptions may be made, at the discretion of the DP coordinator, who must be immediately consulted if this situation arises. The final decision regarding admitting a student will be made by the Senior School Principal.
  • If a family has records of their child requiring special support to succeed in school, then the parents are required to include these records with the initial application. If the student has a diagnosis and/or has undergone an educational psychological evaluation, we will need a copy of that to show our school psychologist and Learning Support Coordinator before we accept the student. Children needing support will still be considered for entrance to ISH, however the Learning Support Coordinator will need to be involved in the decision.
  • At ISH, we believe in ethical practices and transparency. We therefore ask for the same from our families both in the ISH community and in the application process. If we do find that transcripts are not authentic or that a family withholds vital information, we reserve the right to reverse the admissions process.
Inclusion Considerations
Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Our Learning Support staffing is limited. If we are considering a student with learning support needs, we will take into account whether the student can be served by the Learning support staff and the classroom teacher. Families may be asked to pay for additional support for their child if ISH decides that this support is necessary to create a viable condition for admitting the student to the school.

Students entering DP with documented SEN needs must have up-to-date testing (dated within the last 12 calendar months). This is a requirement of the DP in order for these students to receive appropriate consideration while they complete their DP.

All SEN considerations will be made in accordance with our “Inclusion at ISH” policy document.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Our EAL staff is limited. If we are considering a student with EAL needs, we will take into account whether the EAL support staff and the classroom teacher can serve the student.

Students in MYP 4 and 5 will be expected to demonstrate academic English proficiency. Students entering the DP must give evidence of near-native English proficiency. The “Language Pathways at ISH” document and our “Language at ISH” Policy statement both further detail language based admissions decisions. ISH reserves the right to not admit a student whose language ability is not strong enough to access the curriculum.

Language Pathways

During the admissions process we ask students to take an English Proficiency Screening test to give us an indication of the academic English proficiency level of the student. This test determines which phase the student may be placed in at our school. At the MYP level, if the student has no or little academic English background, if we consider admitting the student, we may ask the family to hire a tutor to support the student. Our aim is for students to thrive at ISH and sometimes additional support and tutoring is necessary for students to access the curriculum.

Mathematics Pathways

Students wishing to be admitted to MYP 3 and above must take a Mathematics screening test before entry. This screening aims to identify learning gaps between differing curricula. At MYP 4 and 5 this may also be used to determine placement in advanced Mathematics classes, if they are offered that year.

The appropriate coordinator will assess the mathematics screening tests; results will be reported back to the Admissions Officer to be used to assess readiness for admission to ISH.

Tuition Assistance

Families who find our tuition fees a burden can seek assistance from the school. There are grant opportunities that ISH can direct a family to apply for if financial need is present.


Families may choose to leave ISH for many reasons. Notification of the planned leaving date should be given to the Admission’s Officer in writing 3 months before the student departs. Students who are enrolled after the Re-Enrollment process, please read to this letter. 

Students will be required to ensure that all materials borrowed from the school are returned to the school, or the family will be billed for missing/damaged items and their replacement cost. ISH will withdraw the enrollment of any student if their best needs can no longer be met, if the student’s behavior is thought to jeopardize the welfare of the school community, if educationally important information is omitted from the application, or if school fees are not being paid. 

A print-friendly version of this policy can be downloaded from this page.