Specialist Subjects

Our specialist subject areas are Music, PHE (Physical Health and Education) and Danish. They complement the homeroom classrooms to help students access a trans-disciplinary (multi-subject) curriculum in a balanced, integrated learning environment.

We have a team of experienced, dedicated teachers, each passionate to teach their own field of expertise. Here is a brief overview of the approach and objectives of each subject area.

Lower Primary Music (Kindergarten to PYP 2)
Music in the lower primary years is based on engaging and inspiring students to develop a love of music, to increase their creativity and to enhance their musical talents and skills.

Through a repertoire of rhymes, songs and musical masterpieces, children become aware of musical elements and develop their vocal, rhythmic and aural skills. They also learn how to play a range of tuned and un-tuned musical instruments and have an introduction to musical notation. Activities and musical games support multi-sensory learning, build their confidence and enthusiasm and make the music lesson fun and enjoyable.

Upper Primary Music (PYP 3-5)
Music in the upper primary years builds on the skills and knowledge acquired in the lower primary and prepares students for MYP music. Students work with more advanced concepts and begin using terminology as they develop their instrumental, vocal, rhythmic and aural skills through repertoire, songs, games and active inquiry.

Students also explore trans-disciplinary themes from an arts/music perspective. In PYP 4 and PYP 5, students expand their instrumental skills with a focus on the recorder. Here, one of the two weekly music lessons are devoted to learning the recorder and performing music in solo and ensemble settings, and students put their knowledge and conceptual understanding directly into practice while they experience the long-term process of learning an instrument.

Please see PYP Music Overview for more information.


Physical Health and Education (PHE) – Kindergarten to PYP 5
At ISH the Physical Health and Education Program promotes a healthy, active lifestyle that involves a combination of physical activity and appropriate lifestyle choices.

The ISH program seeks to emphasize cooperative learning and teamwork skills, as well as a positive competitive spirit and appreciation for individual differences and abilities. It provides a foundation of basic movement skills required to participate in physical activities throughout a student’s life.

From Kindergarten to PYP 5, students participate in activities and lessons which are organized into five strands: Individual Pursuits, Adventure Challenge, Movement Composition, Games, and Health Related Activities.

Please see ISH PYP PHE Overview for more information.


Danish Language Acquisition (PYP 1 – PYP 5)
Language acquisition is a key component of the PYP programme. Helping students learn Danish strengthens the connection between school and local community, and aims to enrich the students’ everyday life in Denmark.

Primary years Danish is taught from PYP 1 – PYP 5. The expectations of each grade level are based on the abilities and interests of the students. Students are grouped into Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner classes, based on their learning needs and backgrounds. The expectations, learning experiences and assessment tasks are adapted for the two groups.

The curriculum is organised around six learning (trans-disciplinary) themes which are taught throughout the year, plus independent teaching units such reading skills and writing skills. Links are made between the Danish Language curriculum and the homeroom units of inquiry. Danish as the host language is also supported and valued in homeroom classes.

Please see ISH PYP Language Scope and Sequence for more information.