IB Diploma Results

We are proud to share that our students perform well above the world averages in  IB Diploma passes, average points gained and % of students obtaining 40+ points. Out of the 18 students taking the exams in 2019, two students scored above 40, which is an extraordinary achievement. The mean number of points per student in 2019 was 33, which is above the world average of 29,6 points. We would like to wish the students from the Class of 2019 all the best as many of them move on to higher education at colleges and universities around the world.

YearCandidatesDiplomas AwardedPass rate Mean ScoreHighest Score

* The international pass rate for the IB Diploma averages about 80%.
** The 2019 international average score is 29.6 points
*** A perfect score for the IB Diploma is 45 points.