If you are interested in working at ISH, we encourage you to visit this webpage regularly; new vacancies are posted as they become available. Please see below for current vacancies.

Job TitleApply by:
High School Principal (MYP 5 & DP)February 15
Vacancies for After School Educators and Substitute Teachers

It is possible to send an unsolicited application to become a substitute teacher at ISH, if you are a teacher with international school experience, have flexible hours and are able to teach a variety of subjects and age levels. Experience with the IB curriculum is an advantage. To apply, please send your cover letter, CV and the days and hours you are available to jobs@ish.dk. Your CV will be stored in our database and you will get contacted by the coordinator when there is a sub vacancy.

Volunteering at ISH

ISH welcomes teachers and aspiring teachers to volunteer at the school. Volunteering is a great way to contribute to the students’ education, create connections with the school, and gain teaching experience. If interested, please contact the Primary School Principal, Stef Fleet: sfleet@ish.dk or the High School Principal, Evis Qeska:  eqeska@ish.dk.  August/September and December are particularly good times to contact the school.