2018 CAS Trips to Bali And Kenya

During the Spring Break, two groups of DP students, accompanied by teachers, travelled to Bali, Indonesia and Kenya for what is called a CAS trip. CAS stands for Creativity, Activity and Service and is one of the core elements in the IB Diploma Programme in which students are involved in a range of activities alongside their academic studies.  The respective service ventures, led by Mr Qeska and Mr Bob, were the culmination of a lot of creative fund-raising and preparatory work in order to help less privileged children and see how initiatives from previous trips had evolved.

CAS trip to Bali

An important element in CAS is service. During the CAS trip to Bali, students visited orphanages to give English lessons in Primary Schools and worked one-on-one with Indonesian students in extracurricular language programmes. Before the trip, the CAS students were able to raise a significant sum of money to donate to a local NGO called Stella’s Child. The successful fundraising was possible partly by the generous contributions of the ISH parents. On behalf of Stella’s Child and the children in Bali, a big thank you for your donations.

CAS trip to Kenya

This year’s other CAS service learning trip took place in Kenya, where students volunteered at the Marafiki school. The CAS students taught English and Math and they also observed classes to experience what it is like to be a student in a rural Kenyan school. In the afternoons, the students volunteered in the Marafiki orphanage, playing games and organizing activities for the children using art supplies and games that they had brought from Denmark.

The CAS students also experienced African culture by eating at the orphanage, visiting nearby villages and participating in African dances. Before going on the trip, the students did a fundraising campaign and managed to fundraise a total of 21000 DKK which will go towards the building of a Judo salon at the Marafiki school,  which will be completely funded by the ISH students. In order to complete the project the students need to raise an additional 8000 DKK. This will give the children at the orphanage an opportunity to train during the weekends and give them a chance to participate in local and national contests. The CAS group will continue to raise money towards the Judo salon during various school events this spring, including the Edible Books Day on April 23rd.

This video is made by one of the participating students: