School Psychologist

24The role of the school psychologist is to help children who are struggling at school. This may be because of a learning difficulty, a language barrier, an emotional problem, a developmental issue, issues with peers, or just struggling to adapt to change. The school psychologist is available to meet with children, families and teachers and where necessary will draw up a plan (an individualized education plan – IEP) so that the school and family are working together to help the child.

The school psychologist works collaboratively with school staff, parents the student and in some cases the municipality (kommune) to develop a plan (IEP).

The IEP may involve developing specific strategies the student can use in class and at home, in class support, one-on-one or small group lessons, counseling sessions and/ or further assessment. As well as working with students, parents and teachers can also book an appointment with the school psychologist if they have concerns or problems regarding their child/student.

What to do if you feel your child needs help from the school psychologist?
The first step is to talk to your child’s teacher to see what they think; the teacher can then refer to the child to the SSS. Alternatively you can book an appointment to talk with the school psychologist.

What about confidentiality?
The school psychologist works to the standards and code of conduct as set out by the Danish Psychological Association and the British Psychological Society which you can access online. In terms of confidentiality the work of the SSS will aim to be as open and collaborative as possible.

The school psychologist will always inform parents, teachers and students if information needs to be shared with others. However in some instances, such as counseling work, the student and/or parents may want to keep some aspects confidential. This is acceptable except if something said during the session indicates that you or another person is at serious risk. In such cases, confidentiality cannot be kept and it is the schools professional responsibility to inform the necessary person(s). If confidentiality needs to be broken, the school psychologist will always tell you in advance.

How do I contact the school psychologist?
Kirsten Thøgersen