Learning Support

ISH can offer support at each grade level to a limited number of students with mild learning difficulties. For these students, assistance is provided by our Learning Support Programme, both in and out of the classroom as appropriate, usually in small groups and occasionally on an individual basis. ISH does not have separate classes for children with learning difficulties.

The Learning Support Programme is not intended to provide an alternative course of study; rather it is intended to help a student be successful within the regular school curriculum. Classroom teachers maintain primary responsibility for the instruction and work in collaboration with the learning support specialists to ensure the student’s learning needs are met.

Through on-going observation, assessment and evaluation, teachers within multi-disciplinary teams, including parents, establish the steps students are advised to follow, in order to be successful in their learning.

ISH takes into account the number of students that require learning support in the grade level applied for, and the level of resources needed to support the student. Students are referred to the Learning Support Programme through the School Psychologist, Kirsten Thøgersen.