Student Welfare

Student Welfare encompasses the overall well-being of students by providing them with a healthy, safe and happy environment as well as facilitating the necessary events and programs to develop and nurture their learning and growth. Student Welfare includes the systems for PYP Class Teachers, and MYP Mentors, School-Home Partnership, Student Support Services (SSS).

It is overseen by a team of staff members including, the Head of School, the Principals, the PYP and MYP coordinators and School Psychologist.

School-Home Partnership

The School-Home Partnership is an agreement between parents, students and teachers to ensure that effective communication between the school and home is established. We expect that all parents and students read the PYP Parent Student Handbook MYP Parent Student Handbook and follow the school’s procedures and policies.

We hope that all parents will take an active role in their child’s education by attending school meetings, parent consultations and events. Please sign and return the agreement on the last page of the handbook to your child’s class teacher.

Student Support

The Student Support Services (SSS) consist of EAL (English as an additional language), the School Health Service, Learning Support and the School Psychologist. At ISH we realise that as well as academic achievement, the physical and psychological development of students is crucial to a positive and enriching school experience.

The purpose of the Student Support Services is to nurture physical and psychological development and equip the students with skills they need to fully integrate into the school community, access the curriculum, and lead healthy and happy lives.

Specialist Support Referrals

We maintain a list of external specialist support (in English and/or Danish) to refer families and students with specific needs. These include: Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Learning Support Teacher and Psychologist. If you are a qualified specialist and would like to receive referrals, please contact Karoliina Hokka (Special Education Needs Coordinator) at


The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme at ISH supports students whose primary or secondary language is not English, enabling them to develop the necessary reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to be successful in school.

Students are referred to the EAL Programme through a placement test, home language survey and by referrals from class teachers. Individual needs and the number of students requiring assistance determines how the programme is delivered. EAL classes take place during school hours as inclusion support or sheltered lessons.

The EAL Programme strives to be as integrated into the students’ regular schedule as possible.