Street Dance

Street Dance classes for Beginners comprise of commercial and urban street styles. This is an introduction to basic moves from Hip Hop dance styles connected with Gymnastics. Throughout the course, your child will explore several different styles of street dance and begin building creativity, balance, flexibility, coordination and patience. Dancers will not only practice exciting choreography but they will also learn to improvise with confidence. Street Dance classes incorporate other styles such as Hip Hop, Breakdance and House, and basic of Gymnastics.

Day: Thursday
3:15-4:00 for PYP
4:05-4:50 for MYP/DP
Season: January 17th-June 13th (17 classes)
Anna or Monika will inform you what dates there will not be classes during the season.
Cost: 850 DKK
Instructor: Anna Martinsen and Monika Kadlubcová (half of semester will be taught by Anna and the other half by Monika)
Registration: EmailAnna at