Harry Potter Club

This club invites everyone from PYP 2 – PYP 5 to come and discover the MAGIC in you. Some of the activities will be, to learn magical spells, solve and create riddles, play transfiguration game and prepare liquid potions. All this and more…It is not a book club where we sit and discuss; instead, we will participate in all the fun and bring our imagination into action. There is no prerequisite for reading the books for the club. Each week, we will work on interesting ideas, sometimes in the library and sometimes in the kitchen??? To make our very own Butter Beer and other edible snacks inspired by the Harry Potter theme.

Day: Monday
Time: 2:30-3:30pm
For Students in: PYP 2-PYP 5
Start date: January 14th-March 25th
No club on February 11th due to holiday
Cost: 1000 DKK (10 lessons)
Teacher: Rashmi Jethani

Registration: Sign up and reserve your child’s spot at rjethani@ish.dk to receive personalized Hogwart’s Letter of Acceptance.

The club needs a minimum of 5 participant to run. Student will be provided with an interactive notebook to work. A detailed weekly plan will also be shared.