International School of Hellerup is a not-for-profit educational institution that is recognised by and subject to Danish law and receives a subsidy from the Danish State, however the school relies on the monthly school fee to cover operating expenses. Our school fee must be paid all 12 months in a calendar year. It is important for the student(s) to have a Danish CPR or CDR number before 1 September of the new school year.*

 Programme Fees

 Programme  Fees
 Pre Kindergarten**  DKK 3.700,- per month
 PYP (Kindergarten – Grade 5 )  DKK 2.500,- per month
 MYP (Grades 6 – 10)  DKK 2.660,- per month
 DP (Grades 11 & 12)  DKK 2.830,- per month

Reductions for Siblings

 Amount of reduction for the 2nd child  DKK 350,- per month
 Amount of reduction for the 3rd child  DKK 650,- per month
 Amount of reduction for the 4th child  DKK 1150,- per month

*School fees without a Danish CPR or CDR number and registered Danish address are DKK 5.000,- per month. If school fees are not paid after three months the student will no longer be enrolled at ISH.

**Depending on the income and the number of children, parents are able to claim a subsidy from the commune they reside in. Please contact the commune you reside in to find out the amount you will be getting from the commune. If you have any questions, please call the school secretary.

Penalty Fee for payments not made by Direct Debit [PBS] every month: From January 2017 it is required to sign up for Direct Debit as soon as the student is enrolled. From the second month of enrollment at ISH, payments will be paid automatically. Failing to do so will cost a penalty fee of DKK 500,- per month not signed up.

Late fee if school fees have not been paid by the 10th of the month a late fee will be charged the following month: DKK 100,-

Other Fees

Application Fee (non-refundable): DKK 2.000,-

PTA Fee (per family, per year,): DKK 250,-. This fee is deducted at the beginning of each school year.

Materials Fee (per child): DKK 300,-. This fee is deducted at the beginning of each school year.

Class fund for PYP Students: This is organized and explained by the homeroom teachers in the Parent Information Meeting in August.

ASCP Plan Options and Fees

Fees include all daily activities and a small snack. There are four fee options for the ASCP:

A. Morning Club 7:00-8:15am DKK 300,- per month
B. Limited ASCP 2:20-3:20pm DKK 300,- per month
C. Full ASCP 2:20-5:00pm DKK 1000,- per month
D. Morning Club & Limited ASCP 7:00-8:15am & 2:00-3:00pm DKK 500,- per month
E. Full ASCP & Morning Club 7:00-8:30am & 2:20-5:00pm DKK 1200,- per month

Please note that the ASCP fee will be billed monthly for 12 months (July included).

If your child is attending to Pre-K, the ASCP fee is included in the monthly school fee.

ASCP Late Fees
In the unfortunate event that something occurs and you must be late, please call the ASCP. We understand that this may happen occasionally, due to transportation difficulties. However, if you are late picking up your child more than three times in one month a fee of DKK 200 will be charged to your account.

School Deposit fee:
The school deposit covers: school & library books, materials handed to the students by the school and all other potential costs. If all books and MacBook (for DP students only) are returned in good condition before your child’s last day of school, and you have met the withdrawal and/or the re-enrollment requirement, the deposit will be refunded. The deposit fee will be DKK 10.000,- as of January 2017.


Direct Debit (Mandatory as soon as your child is enrolled at ISH):

Sign up for Direct Debit (PBS) by clicking the BETALINGSSERVICE logo below:

You can fill in the required information online: under “CPR-nr.” you must enter the payer´s CPR and account number. Your bank account number should be written under “Kontonr.” and your registration number under “Reg nr.” both can be found on the back of your debit card. Enter the “PBS-nr.”which is 05824478; the “Deb gr nr.” which is 00001 and the “Debitor nr.” which you can find on your school fee invoice. If you do not have a Danish CPR number contact your bank for assistance.

Bank information:

To make a bank transfer for the application fee, school deposit fee or other one-time fees, please use the information below. Please include the students name, date of birth and academic year. For example: Parent, Anders Andersen has applied for son, Jonas Marcus Andersen, born 11 August 2012 to start Prep 2018-2019. In the bank reference it should read: “Jonas Andersen 110812 prep 1819”

Merkur, Den Almennyttige Andelskasse
Sct. Clemens torv 17, 1.
Postboks 5158
8100 Aarhus C

Reg. Nr.: 8401
Konto Nr.: 0001192154
IBAN NR.: DK7784010001192154

WITHDRAWAL – 3 Months Notice is required

Parents must inform the school three months in advance of their child(ren) leaving. If they fail to do so, the school will charge the family for 3 months after the child/children stop the school. A Withdrawal Form (available in ’school documents’ on the website) must be handed in three calendar months in advance. School fees will be charged only to the end of the month of withdrawal. If necessary the deposit will be kept and used to cover some of the three months payment. Please remember to also cancel your Direct Debit (PBS) payment.