2017-2018 Course Outlines

English A: Language and Literature (SL, HL)

English “Language & Literature” is a course designed for students who have mother tongue equivalent proficiency in the language as they enter the course.  This course presents students with an opportunity to learn more about the Anglophone world. Students are exposed to a wide range of texts varying from poetry and novels to blog entries, opinion columns and twits. At the heart of the course, there is critical thinking which is being practiced on everyday bases through textual analysis.

The course is designed in four sections, with two parts of the course focusing on how language is used for a variety of purposes, both technical and social.  These parts of the course focus on various forms of technical writing, and the ability to thoughtfully analyze literature related to genres.

The other two parts of the course focus on a close study of English literature from a variety of English speaking places around the world.  Students will study a variety of literature, looking at it for its technical details, as well as how it represents English culture.

At the SL level, students will study four works of literature over the two-year course.

At the HL level, students will study six works of literature over the two-year course.

Danish A: literature (SL, HL)

The literature course is for students who are at native, or near-native, competency in Danish. It is a rigorous course that focuses on Danish literature, as well as cultural and linguistic elements of language that help students understand the part of the world that the literature comes from. The course develops an understanding of the techniques involved in literary criticism and promotes the ability to form independent literary judgments.

Self-taught Language A

Self-taught Language A is a demanding and rigorous course comparable to Language A Literature SL. Over the course of two years, students are expected to read 10 works selected from two available lists (PLT and PLA).

The subject is designed as a self-taught course and therefore students must be able to study independently. This involves reading the required texts, doing the necessary research, working on the assessment. As a school we expect students to take mock exams. The course is designed for students who have good self-management skills, are motivated and know how to work independently. Students are expected to have both written and oral native-level command of the language.

ISH expects students to find a tutor who will support them. The tutor is not hired by the school, and students decide on the frequency of the meetings and form they take. Students are welcome to use the school’s premises to arrange the meetings and use the school’s resources. Each semester ISH will ask the tutors to grade mock exam according to the IB rubric. A Self-taught Language Coordinator sees students at the end of each semester to follow their progress.