The Arts and Electives

Group 6 – The Arts and Electives

Visual Arts

Visual Arts 

Visual Arts (SL and HL)

Course Guide for Graduates in 2017


Visual languages, ways of looking and seeing, and lateral thinking are key concepts developed in this visually based course.  As a society, we construct opinion and forms for expression.  As citizens, the individual must therefore communicate clearly and accurately, have the knowledge and skill to adapt to specified styles, and develop skill to become independent analytical observers and critics.

This product-based course challenges students to initiate and implement their own effective reasoning and argumentation, while sharpening manual, linguistic and visual communicative proficiency.  We create art, but we build personal and cultural identity.

Aims/Goals (Taken from pg 12 of the Arts guide):

The aims of the arts subjects are to enable students to:

  • Enjoy lifelong engagement with the arts
  • Become informed, reflective and critical practitioners in the arts
  • Understand the dynamic and changing nature of the arts
  • Explore and value the diversity of the arts across time, place and cultures
  • Express ideas with confidence and competence • Develop perceptual and analytical skills
  • Make artwork that is influenced by personal and cultural contexts
  • Become informed and critical observers and makers of visual culture and media
  • Develop skills, techniques and processes in order to communicate concepts and ideas


Course outline:

The two year course is divided into seven parts, each with specific focus, geared to lead the student through a variety of media, skill, and portfolio development to the preparation of an exhibition of a comprehensive body of personal work.

Media Subdivisions for ØIS Visual Arts:

  • Two dimensional studies:  drawing, painting, printmaking
  • Three dimensional studies: metal, casting, clay, installation art
  • Media and Lens: photography, film, digital media, graphic design, conceptual and performance art


There are three main components to each of the topics of study. Each topic will have tasks related to each of these three component areas:

  • Comparative Study
  • Process Portfolio
  • Exhibition


Through the topics of study, students will experience and show proficiency in:

  • Foundation and experimentation
  • Personal media specialization
  • Personal media extension
  • Journal, research and process development
  • Style/Historical referencing
  • Off campus research and process Development


Part 1 – Process, Media

  • Short experiments with media and process


Part 2 – Critical Thinking

  • Critical Analysis
  • Reference
  • Art historical contexts
  • Contemporary contexts
  • Relationship of personal art in
  • Continuum of contemporary reference


Part 3 – Journey and Thread

  • Evaluation
  • Communication of idea and intention
  • Developing concepts


Part 4 – Focus

  • Compare and connect
  • Evaluation of skill and process
  • Exploration of personal technique


Part 5 – Project Development

  • Direction of own developed resolution
  • TOK and artist as self-employed manager


Part 6 – The Editorial Process

  • Reflection on body of work and possible routes for development
  • Review, refine communication, technique focus


Part 7 – Coherence and Exhibition

  • Presentation and Curation, relationship of art and viewer
  • Written and visual language



Comparative Study Eternally Assessed – 20%
Process Portfolio Externally Assessed – 40%
Exhibition Internal Assessment – 40%

SL students:

  • Produce between 10 – 15 screens for the comparative study
  • Produce between 9 – 18 screens for the process portfolio
  • Produce between 4-6 pieces of artwork for the Exhibition

HL students:

  • Produce between 10 – 15 screens for the comparative study
  • Produce between 13 – 25 screens for the process portfolio
  • Product between 8-11 pieces of artwork for the Exhibition
  • Student Exhibition takes place in March of the second year
  • Check Managebac for all major assessment deadlines


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