2018-2019 Course Descriptions

IB Core Subjects

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
TOK is a course meant to create connections between subjects and the nature of knowledge itself.  It is designed to help students relate what they learn in their courses to themselves and the real world they live in.   It asks students to contemplate knowledge itself.
Aims/Goals (rewritten from the TOK course guide, pg 14):
  • Make connections between the construction of knowledge, academic courses and the wider World.
  • Develop an awareness of how individuals and communities construct knowledge and how this is critically examined.
  • Develop an interest in the diversity and richness of cultural perspectives and an awareness of personal and ideological assumptions.
  • Critically reflect on their own beliefs and assumptions, leading to more thoughtful, responsible and purposeful lives.
  • Understand that knowledge brings responsibility which leads to commitment and action.
Creativity, Activity, Service
Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) is a programme that involves students in a range of activities alongside their academic studies.
Extended Essay
The extended essay (EE) is an independent 4000-word essay that provides the valuable experience of completing a research paper.