About Us

International School of Hellerup is a private educational establishment. It is recognised by and subject to Danish law and receives a subsidy from the Danish State. The School is managed by a Board of Governors consisting of 5 members, 3 of them being parents to students from the school, and it is a non-profit institution.

International School of Hellerup is a school where the individual comes first. Our primary aim is to identify and appreciate the unique potential of each pupil, and develop it to the full in a caring, comfortable and happy environment.

Pupils receive an excellent, well-rounded education from dedicated and well-qualified teachers, developing qualities which will equip them to face life’s challenges with self-belief and optimism. In addition to our broad curriculum, pupils can enjoy a fabulous range of activities which keep them busy, stimulated and entertained, helping them to find their niche. It is a source of pride to us that our pupils emerge as confident individuals, successful learners, responsible citizens and adaptable human beings.

The school’s philosophy is to ‘make life better for all’. Its values and activities are not just about academic achievement, but also students’ welfare and education for communities. Pupil voice is seen as a key contributor to preparing pupils for adulthood and life beyond school.